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Faculty and Administration

Valerie Connatser - Executive Director 

My name is Valerie Binkley and I have been in the childcare management industry for 26 years. I have successfully opened five new campuses during this period. Of these 26 years in this industry, the past 17 have been with the same school. My most recent position of Executive Director required me to oversee 5 campuses containing approximately 1,000 children and 150 staff. Through curriculum and staff development, I have successfully increased the school's growth by more 200% collectively. Most of my 26 years has been working in the Clear Lake area, so I am extremely familiar with this noble town and its needs. Working with children is obviously a love of mine, and I have a proven track record of being successful in providing a healthy, safe, learning environment for children. It has always been a dream of mine to provide this same type of environment for children with special needs. Over the years of working in Early Childhood Education, everyone who works with me agrees when I state that it is my true calling to work with these children. The time has come for me to do just that.

There is such a great need for parents of children with Down syndrome to have a nurturing environment in an academic setting that will create the foundation for children ages three months through six years, in areas such as life skills, language development, beginning reading and independence. Distinct Abilities offers just that. There are very limited options in the Houston area which creates long waiting lists or distances too great to travel on a daily basis. Distinct Abilities is a program that is on its way to create centers in Houston and its surrounding areas, making it readily available so that parents will have options and easily accessible locations.

The goal for this program is to offer a personal approach with each family, so every child’s specific needs can be met. Our staff will love your children and create a lasting bond with your family. We, as early child educators, in a partnership with parents, will continue to explore new ways we can help all children. Different therapies such as Physical, Speech, Occupational and Music will become a part of the program as well. This new program for children with Down syndrome, offered at a traditional preschool, allows siblings to attend preschool together, so families do not need to travel to other schools to receive quality care and education for every child in their family.

We look forward to having your family join us in this new program!